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Our mission at Caris Pharmacy is to empower our patients and our community on their health and wellness journey by providing safe, practical, innovative, and evidence-based solutions for their medication related needs. It is our goal to become the preferred choice for pharmaceutical care and health-related products as a result of our high-quality customer service and commitment to a comprehensive and personalized approach to each patient.


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Pharmacists play an important role in your overall healthcare. They are experts in the field of pharmacology, which focuses on the uses and effects of drugs. They have extensive knowledge about therapeutic uses and interactions with other drugs and can provide recommendations for many over-the-counter medications. With convenient access to your pharmacists at Caris Pharmacy, you can get your questions answered effortlessly.

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Refilling a prescription at Caris Pharmacy is easy. Create an account through our Patient Portal and get your medications ordered with the click of a button. Here you can view the status of your medications and view your entire prescription profile.

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Need to transfer a prescription from another pharmacy? Fill out our contact form or contact our pharmacy and we will be happy to assist you.


Vaccinations play an important role in maintaining your overall health.

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Here at Caris Pharmacy, we make it simple and convenient to meet all your vaccination needs. We offer vaccinations for COVID-19, Flu, Pneumonia, Shingles, HPV, Meningitis, Hepatitis A & B, and Td or Tdap. Vaccines are available for everyone 7 and older. No appointment necessary. Call or visit the pharmacy for more information

CDC Recommended Vaccine Schedules:

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Medication Synchronization

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Taking multiple medications can be a burden on patients. Having different fill dates for different prescriptions can mean many trips to the pharmacy and can lead to missed doses and poor health outcomes. At Caris Pharmacy we work with you to personalize your care and help to ensure consistency with your medication regimen.

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